The Charm of Wine Displays

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According to the statistics, more than 40% of people have the habit of drinking, the right amount of drinking is conducive to good health, and contribute to the expansion of capillaries and enhance cardiovascular function. The wine culture is profound, drinking is also a pleasure. Buying wine vessel such as wine display has become another method of many people who love drinking to love wine culture.

If you are a wine dealer, like drinking yourself, occasionally call on a few friends to your house to taste your own wine. Just wine is certainly not enough, you should also buy beautiful wine display, so that you can not only taste the wine, but also enjoy the beautiful wine display. You will like such an elegant lifestyle, having wine accompanied by cheerful conversation with friends is really a desirable thing.

Buying wine display to complement your wine can highlight the prominent characteristics of the wine, and increase the pleasure of drinking. It is also a way of engaging in self-cultivation, you can also use a fine wine display to taste wine quietly. It can make people calm in the process, resulting in more inspiration. For poets, writers and artists, wine display lifestyle is also indispensable.

How Wood Wine Rack Affect the Storage of Wine

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Do you know why we mostly use wood wine rack to store wine? Will this affect the storage of wine? In the following, we will tell you the truth!

1. From collectors’ sense, usually the wood wine racks are produced by very pure logs, which reflect the designer’s mind from the most subtle places, to retain its natural simplicity as much as possible. It reinforces the node and the cracks of the wood logs under the effects of the clear lacquer layer on the surface.

Being welcomed by wine collection lovers, pristine natural wood wine rack fits people’s psychology to return to nature. Aesthetic can be presented in a natural manner, exuding a quiet idyllic atmosphere.

2. From the reservoir of the wine, wooden wine rack not only plays the role of placement, due to its material properties which are similar to cork, it can also show whether the storage conditions are good or bad. Detailed and smooth grooves of wine racks, parallel or vertical, can let bottles of different shapes can be safely stored, easy for the management of wine.

The strength and the length of time smoked and basked before the production of wine rack’s log will bring the wine rack different aromas. During the wine’s storage and fermentation process, the aroma of log wood wine rack will be integrated into the wine through the cork, causing the wine richer.

Why refrigerator is not suitable for storing wine

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The best environment to store wine is a constant temperature, constant wet, dark and no shock, ventilation, odor-free, and wine to be lying on the stability wine rack, the cork should full contact with the wine, what is more, you need also to maintain the cork moist and tightness. Many people choose to use refrigerator to store wine, it is not a good choice. Why do I say so? Here are several reasons why refrigerator is not suitable for storing wine

The best temperature for storing wine is about 13℃, though refrigerator can also be set to a constant temperature, but the refrigerator, the actual temperature in the refrigerator has a big difference from the set temperature. Thus, it is hard to ensure the temperature requirements of the wine storage. Within the wine cooler has professional precision compressor and temperature controller, the temperature control accuracy and stability is better than refrigerator.

Besides, refrigerator is not professional for ventilation and humidity regulation. If lack of humidity, the corks on wine bottles will shrink even chapped, there will be hard to open the wine bottle, it can also lead to lose seal function, cause air to enter, finally, make the wine sour.

While if the humidity is too high, it can not only lead to a breeding ground for mold bottle, and the wine labels easy to mold off, so that the image of wine greatly reduced. Wine cooler has a good ventilation system. Because of the temperature difference within the wine cooler and outdoor, moisture may be appropriate to increase the internal humidity.

Shock will accelerate wine chemical reaction rate, has a considerable impact on the wine maturation process. Wine cooler has a precision shockproof compressor internal. It is slow and steady when working. It do not contact directly with the wine cooler body, greatly reducing the variety of vibration. While the refrigerator is not such a sophisticated shock facilities, so sometimes hand in the refrigerator, you can feel the vibrations generated by the engine. Thus, it is not that good for storing wine.

So, if condition allows, you’d better buy a wine cooler to store your wine and do not use a refrigerator to store wine.

Ideal wine bottle holders for home
Types of wine bottle opener
Consider the temperature when store wine

Ideal wine bottle holders for home

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If you are a wine lover but do not have enough money to buy wine fridges or develop wine cellar, then wine bottle holders will be a good idea for you to store your wine. If you are going to buy some wine bottle holders to store your wine, here are some tips for you.

Wine bottle holders are made out of an assortment of different woods and metals from all over the world. Everything from tall wine racks, compact wine racks, portable wine racks and even round wine racks are available for purchase. Of course, there are several other reasons as to why you would probably want to purchase a wine rack. They make excellent house warming gifts as well as a respectable birthday present.

A long lasting as well as classy wall fitted wine holders are ideal for individuals with limited space and budget. Wall fitted rack is not just the best way for your pals to have a good glimpse at your collection but is also the most convenient option for parties at weekends. In the event that you are looking for wall fitted racks, you should look for a brand that’s both simple to set up and suitable for grabbing quick sips.

But bottle wine holders can not control or take care of the temperature as well as humidity that is needed and also necessary by wines for aging as well as in reaching their potential so, it is the best idea to store your wine with a wine fridge.

Everyone has their own idea of an ideal wine bottle holder for their home and websites today make sure everything is accounted for.

Types of wine bottle opener
How to open grape wine

Types of wine bottle opener

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Wine is always a best friend to human especially when have a dinner with families and friends, but some wine bottles are hard to open particularly grape wines, so, we must turn to bottle opener. Thus, let us learn some types of wine bottler opener.

Waiter’s Corkscrew
This is one of the most common types of corkscrews. It can easily be put into your pocket due to the fact that it folds in half; this is why it is used commonly among Sommeliers and wait staff, which is where it derives its name from. Composed of just a handle and a worm (the corkscrew end) the handle typically has a lever which can be applied to the bottle itself, thus using the shape of the bottle to remove the cork. These openers often also have a small knife attached to them that are used to cut the foil off of certain wine bottles.

Tabletop Wine Opener
This wine opener is larger than other styles and typically attaches to the top of a table with the use of a wine opener stand. The Tabletop Wine Opener is efficient and elegantly attractive. However, it may not be for everyone. This may be most ideal for someone who has a custom wine cellar, or at least a separate room for wine tasting with guests.

Butterfly corkscrew
These wine openers are common in many households. They consist of a corkscrew attached to a frame with two arms that turn upwards as the cork is screwed in. They are among the easiest of wine bottle openers to use.

With those openers, you can open your wines easily, and here is step by step guide tells you How to open grape wine

How to open grape wine

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Grape wine taste good, many people like to drinking grape wines, especially for a couple of lovers, it is romantic to drink grape wines at dinner. But it is not simple to open a bottle of grape wine. You must have skills on opening grape wines, most of people say grape wine is an art. In this article, we are learning some essential action tips for opening grape wine.

To open a grape wine, you should have a grape wine opener, knife and paper towels.
Handle the back of the knife, counterclockwise row 180 degrees in the bottle mouth which have bulgy place, and then in a clockwise direction designated by 180 degrees.

Thus, this bottle seal cut, clean the bottle with a cloth or paper towel. Then with Opener screws drill aligned cork middle vertically downward clockwise rotation force. But notice that control your strength, do not drill through the cork.

Drill slowly, until almost all auger drilling cork. Then use the top buckle to lock bottle neck. Also to lock the bottle neck from below.

Then remove the cork slowly, do not take it directly to prevent sawdust from falling.

Finally, slowly pull the cork completely. That is all, now, you can enjoy your candlelight dinner with your lovers. You may also interested in:  How to choose the perfect wine for dinner

How to choose the perfect wine for dinner

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If you are holding a party with friends or you are having a dinner with families and friends, then wine is a must-have thing. While there are so many wines, how do you choose the perfect wine for your dinner? It may be seem complicate, so, let us learn how in this article.

Trust your own taste
You must trust your own taste when buying wine because only you know which wine is good for you. You must taste whatever you are paying for. It is the same reason, you can choose a perfect wine for dinner according to the taste of the owner of the dinner. If they like drinking red wine, then you can prepare some red wines. If there is different taste, you can also choose different wines to meet different needs.

Match your food
The wine you choose for dinner must match the food you are having that dinner. When matching wine with food, there are several characteristics you must consider: weight, acidity and intensity are three. Don’t let these three words scare you away; it is easier than you think to match up wine and dinner. For example, acidic wine compliments acidic food. A wine high in acid will go well with salty foods like our delicious pork belly or our brand new gammon steaks. A Sancerre or a Riesling would be the perfect compliment to these dishes.

Some suggestions
Red and white wines are usually chosen for dinners. Champagne is the first choice for celebrations of any kind where no food is served. For casual summer days, the light rose wine is preferred.

Finally, after a special meal many people like to partake in dessert. Whether it is a sweet cake or a cheese board it is important that your wine does not take from the taste of the final course. Sweet foods usually taste best when accompanied by sweet wines. A great example of a sweet wine enjoyed by many is a Moscato. The final choice is up to you, but if you follow these guidelines and ensure your meat is of the highest quality by ordering directly from us, then your special dinner can not help but be an overwhelming success.

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How to choose grape wine glass

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As an old saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle, wine is also the same without a good wine glass, no matter how good the wine is, it will be eclipsed. So the choice of the wine glass is also very important, that how to choose a wine glass is the appropriate choice? Here are four tips for you to choose the best wine glass.

1. A visual good wine glass
Speaking from the visual, colorless, transparent, shiny, beautiful luster is the must-have condition for selecting glass. And does not use the wine glass with deformation, coloring or wall thickness. Glass or crystal cup or slender, beautiful, a transparent crystal cup is a good choice.

2. A smell good wine glass
The wine glass should allow the aroma of wine have full contact with the air, at the same time, the wine glass should also allow the wine move in the wine glass. Do not use wine glass that is too small. Glass with tulip shape is the perfect wine glass that most people like it.

3. A good shape wine glass
Cup holder and cup feet is an essential part, because when you pick up a wine glass, grab the cup feet can avoid dirty wine, and can also avoid the wine temperature rise because of people. So, when choosing the right wine glass, you must note that these two portions.

4. Avoid an overly complex design glass
Wine glass which has a complex design can fade the wine taste. Simple design is better, while the wine glass design should follow transparent, smooth and lightweight characteristics.

When choosing a perfect wine glass, you must be cautious, glass can not also take some impact on tasting wine, but also give the wine some extra points on the visual aesthetics. The fine wine glasses can also be used as ornaments placed on the wine cooler, to improve the taste of the entire wine cooler.

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Best Wine Accessories Every Wine Lovers Should Own
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Best Wine Accessories Every Wine Lovers Should Own

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There are a lot of different tools and accessories available to increase your wine enjoying experience, so, there are some best wine accessories every wine lovers should own.

Wine holders and racks
They are wonderful gifts for any occasion and can be chosen in a variety of styles and finishes. They turn a bottle of wine into a fantastic gift. A wine rack with their favorite bottle of wine and a set of wine glasses is a gift that will always be remembered and appreciated. Some of the best types of wine gifts may include a bottle of some limited production of wine that you know they’ll enjoy. Some wine cases are designed to transport wine to picnics or on vacation.

Since the discovery of cork as the ideal stopper for wine bottles, debates have raged about the proper and easiest way to extract the cork. Your best bet is well-made waiter’s corkscrew, which should have a handle large and sturdy enough to allow you to twist the screw into the cork and then extract it easily. It also should have a built-in toil cutter best brands of corkscrews or Oster, ozeri and Metrokane.

Wine Chiller
You can kept your wine chilled in either a proper wine fridge or your actual refrigerator, but what about after you’ve opened the bottle and are enjoying the wine? Then a nice ice bucket is a good way to keep your wine chilled while you enjoy it. Simply put the wine in, place some ice and add a bit of water to give it a nice ice bath to preserve the temperature while you’re drinking it.

Coasters are a great accessory not only for wine but for any beverage. Designed to protect your furniture from the condensation and drips that go hand in hand with cool beverages, they’re an ideal wine accessory. Coasters come in a variety of materials; everything from naturally absorbent sandstone to man-made paper products. Choose coasters to match your decor or spice up a party. They come with monograms, team logos, even shaped like flip flops for summer fun.

This is certainly not all of the wine accessories that are out there, just some of my favorite. You can also find some which you like best in your local place or online.

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How wines are classified

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We all know that there are many different types of wines, there are white wines, read wines, French wines and so on in the world. Some wines are expensive some are not, some wines have good taste while others do not taste that good. Why things happened like that? How wines are classified? Let us learn in this article.

Types of wines are normally classified by vinification method, by taste, by vintage, by wine style, and by quality. Vinification refers to how the wine is made. Vinification wine classification refers to three major categories: table wines, sparkling wines, and fortified wines. Types of wine can also be classified by taste. Table wines, for instance, are classified by character as dry (not sweet), semidry, semisweet; sweet wines are classified as dessert wines.

For example, wines classified by colors can be seen as white wine, red wine and rose wine.

White Wine: wine made from white grapes or light-red-skin grapes. Grape juice is separated from skin and only juice goes for fermentation to make wine. The color of this variety of wine starts from pale with green tinge, pale straw, straw to dark straw.

Red Wine: wine made from redskin grapes. Grape juice and skin go for fermentation together first and then separated for winemaking. The color of this variety of wine starts from rose, ruby, rich ruby to plum and dark plum.

Rose Wine: wine made from redskin white pulp grapes. Grape juice and skin go for fermentation together for a short period of time. When the juice gets the desired color, juice is separated from the skin and other residues for further fermentation and then made into rose wine. The color of this variety of wine is rose, pink or light red.

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